Buzz On The Street — Mahabharata: The Eternal Quest Conquers

“Absolutely love the book. Vivid imagery that is unique among all books in my spiritual library. I have many friends in the bay area that I know will relish this book.” Loren Steele, CA.

“I could not put it down…. I am going to give it out to others who I think have an interest…. It’s a landmark work….. How difficult it must have been to reduce the volume of the text and not loose the threads of the story, nor the essence of the philosophy! Magnificent!” Josef Lauber, Switzerland

“Thank you for sharing your amazing gift. Your Mahabharata is brilliant. I loved reading it.” Stephanie, Bamboomoves Yoga, Owner & Teacher NJ

“I am loving the Mahabharata – its absolutely wonderful! An intriguing read. Its one of those books you can’t put down. The Sacred Voices CD is great as well.” Joseph Baker, WI.

“Reading it the way we are (reading aloud) is taking much longer, of course,  but is such a lovely experience. Thank you for writing such a wonderful and rich rendition of the epic.”  Vineet Chander – Hindu Chaplin, Princeton, NJ

“I run a spiritual center in the middle of South Central Los Angeles. Thank you for writing this wonderful book. It has brought together the puzzle pieces of my spiritual education and made it complete. Please accept my hearty congratulations for a truly enjoyable effort. You are a gifted storyteller.” Mr. Wisdom, Organic Health Foods & Restaurant

“Wow. Just… Wow! Thank you for opening this world to me. …… the pleasure reading, such a joy. Entertaining and personally valuable in my faith research for work and my journey in real life.” Danny Boyd, Filmmaker, Graphic Novelist, WV

“I finished reading your Mahabharata and found it action packed. You kept up the intense story line well.” Richard Boyden, KS

“I read this book while on pilgrimage in India earlier this year. I had to buy this second one because I gave a friend from Sweden my original copy. It is an exceptionally captivating read. Thank you for writing it.” Laura, NYC

“His book is an incredible rendition of one of the oldest written books on the planet. I highly recommend it if you want to immerse yourself in the most amazing drama and intrigue ever recorded.” Darrell Martin, Blue Boy Herbs, MS

“Reading your book! Such a great job – deep and flowing. You are truly gifted to share this profound story the way you have. Outstanding! Makes for excellent reading and a wonderful gift!” Krsnanandini Devi Dasi, Family Institute, OH


Colleges Are Ordering Award-winning Mahabharata Book


This highly acclaimed rendition of Mahabharata offers a good literary read that can  easily be studied in high school and college classrooms….    “I have read through many Mahabharatas and there is none as gripping and beautiful as yours.”

Gopal Gupta, PhD, Religious Studies@Department of Philosophy, Florida Gulf Coast University

And Professor Kevin Cordi’s Review of Mahabharata: The Eternal Quest

“High school and college classes in the United States are known for teaching Homer’s epic journeys  as chronicled in the Iliad and the Odyssey; however, in Andy Fraenkel’s  new book (2013) we are reminded of another strong, just as dynamic  journey.  He tackles successfully the daunting task of retelling India’s epic Mahabharata in his work Mahabharata: The Eternal Quest.

The Mahabharata, has existed in various forms for thousands of  years.  Fraenkel draws on his ability as a storyteller for over 25 years  and maneuvers through the story’s monumental terrain with ease.  His powerful narrative captivates and sustains the listener.  Not only are the vivid battle scenes felt in Fraenkel’s skillful prose, but also the essence of the affairs of the heart as well. This is a human story.”

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Mahabharata Dramatic Storytelling with Award-winning Author & Storyteller Andy Fraenkel

I perform excerpts of my award-winning book

Mahabharata: The Eternal Quest  

Subhash Kak (Ph.D., Author & Regents Professor, Oklahoma State University) describes book as  “Fresh, fast-paced and cinematic! Andy Fraenkel’s book captures the scope and breath of this great epic.”                                                                                     (from his Foreword to the book)



The program can also include a brief slide show on Bhagavad Gita.

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Performance at the University of Cincinnati

Followed by Q&A

Photos by Amy Smethurst

Mahabharata Dramatic Storytelling Acclaim: 

“Fraenkel offers an enduring popular manifestation of the art of storytelling, accessible to simple peasants as well as to professors of comparative literature.”        William Collins, Philadelphia Enquirer

“Spiritually uplifting and personally gratifying. You are indeed a gifted artist.”                     Dr. Ishwar Harris, Wooster College, OH

“My students and I were deeply impressed by your unique style of storytelling.”                     Dr. John Ho, Florida State University

“Thank you for the wonderful presentation for my World Religions class of some 200 students. It was very effective and yielded a lot of positive feedback.”                                             Dr. Galen Amstutz, Florida State University

“Narrated with such vivid enthusiasm that one can “see” the scenes as if they were staged.” Philly WelcomMat

“Thank you very much for your performance. It was enjoyed by young and old. You     created a long lasting impression on our minds.”                                                                        Koti Sreekrishna, Hindu Temple of Greater Cincinnati

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Hanuman’s Quest – Story CD by Andy Fraenkel, Wins a 2016 Storytelling World Resource Award

Scan 3

A spirited journey through stories and music, celebrating Hanuman’s adventures from India’s beloved epic The Ramayana.

“Something from you always opens a door for me that leads into a colorful world of a new narration.” Sacinandana Swami

CONTENTS:  1)Prelude 2)Invocation 3)Hanuman’s Powers 4)The Search 5)Hanuman’s Leap 6)Lanka 7)The Bridge 8)The Colossus  9)Healing Herbs 10)Flying Ship 11) Ram’s Blessing 12) Final Words      

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Mahabharata: The Eternal Quest – “A Wonderful, Rich Narrative!” – Receives Two Finalist Awards From 2014 Next Generation Indie Book Awards



“Fresh, fast-paced and cinematic! Andy Fraenkel’s book captures the scope and breath of this great epic.” Subhash Kak, Ph.D., Author & Regents Professor, Oklahoma State University – from his Foreword

“A wonderful, rich narrative! Andy Fraenkel does a fine job keeping all the threads clear, even as they interweave. I see his long career of storytelling at work on every page. The book is very attractive… along with map, glossary and key Hindu concepts, it’s obvious how much work was involved … the book should be in every library.” Robert Rosenthal, PhD, Philosophy Chair, Hanover College

“Andy Fraenkel’s very readable and insightful narrative allows immediate entrance into the Mahabharata, an epic known for its inscrutability. His deliciously distinct version of this martial text conjures up images of an ancient storyteller, sitting at a campfire surrounded by listeners who rightfully hang on his every word. Not to be missed!” Steven J. Rosen, author of 31 books & founding editor of the Journal of Vaishnava Studies,



Welcome to the site of the  Mahabharata Project. One of the purposes  is to  advocate the study  of Mahabharata in high school and college courses for Comparative Religious Studies, Hinduism, Classics, World Literature, Asian Studies, etc.  This rendition is also great for book discussion groups, and even as a read aloud.  Actually, everyone should study Mahabharata.

Mahabharata is  the first of books. The Dharma teachings, the responsibilities of leadership, and warnings of the impending Kali-yuga (our age of darkness) are described as the five thousand year old epic unfolds.  It’s a book that belongs to all the peoples of the world. The intent of my rendition is threefold: to deliver the story as good literature, to give it a cinematic slant, as potentially the basis for a film, and to keep it at a length that could easily be studied in college classrooms.


Praise for Mahabharata: The Eternal Quest

“The Mahabharata, even though thousands of years old, offers us visceral and uncanny insights into our age.” Gail N. Herman, PhD, Storyteller, Professor, Educational Consultant“

“Both entertaining and erudite, Andy Fraenkel’s rendering of the ancient Sanskrit epic Mahabharata delivers a text that is readily accessible to the layperson and refreshingly insightful to the scholar. A delight to read – and ponder over.” Greg Emery, Ph.D., Director, Global Leadership Center, Ohio University

“Wonderful! Your storytelling art – which quickly gets to the essence of everything – has opened the world of Mahabharata to me , for it has opened up the world of the feelings and emotions of Mahabharata.” Sacinandana Swami, Author & Spiritual Leader

“Very readable.  Elegantly written.  Deserves to be highly successful….”     Joel Mlecko, PhD,  Professor Emeritus, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

 ——-  to read more comments go to Acclaim for Mahabharata



Mahabharata Epic – Out of the Past………… Into the Future


Text & Illustration of battle, circa 18th century


“Since the first Lord of the Rings was released, I knew it would only be a matter of time before someone was able to tell the story of the Mahabharata in a direct and engaging way that everyone could enjoy. Lucky for us Andy Fraenkel did just that. Andy stays true to the ancient themes and characters, but tells the story succinctly, effortlessly, and best of all, cinematically. I can’t wait until someone adapts Andy’s book Mahabharata: The Eternal Quest for the big screen. And hopefully, my name will be in the credits!”   Abhay Sofsky, Filmmaker,

“To condense the profound wisdom and rich culture of Mahabharata into a book of this size constitutes a formidable challenge. In this offering, Andy Fraenkel has distilled the essence of the expansive scripture and has skillfully crafted a book which is accessible and comprehensible to a universal audience.” Varshana Swami, Author & Vaisnava Scholar

“Thank you Andy for this wonderful book. As I sit here reading I feel whole regions of my mind and heart awaken.” Rasika Walkingfeather, Author

“A stirring and authentic version. He deserves much credit for this very enlightening book. My prayer is that his Mahabharata will be enjoyed, studied and appreciated by people for years to come.” Dr. Laxmi Narayan Chaturvedi M.D, Ohio Author, “The Teachings Of Bhagavat Gita”

“Such a great job – deep and flowing. You are truly gifted to share this profound story the way you have. Outstanding!” Krsnanandini Dasi, Author & Workshop Leader