In Like a Needle: Finding Your Path 

The Late Morning Program with Namarasa Podcast – interview with Andy Fraenkel (Sankirtana Das). I talk about my spiritual journey, the dynamics of a good marriage, my devotional theater experience, establishing varnashrama culture, New Vrindaban, and the importance of finding our own needle.

CORRECTIONS: 49:20 –Not 100 Gitas – I only distributed 100 BTGs – SORRY – my dyslexia is showing. . . . . . 1:01:00 Forgot to mention that Dave Everitt  performed wonderfully as Bharata Natyam dancer in two scenes. AND Manuel Roberto supplied  fantastic live music  throughout. . . . . . . 1:04:00  Was trying to think of  Sri Chinmoy. . . . . . . . 1:41:00  Attached! . . . . . 1:54:00  And we also learn from our mistakes.

Student Video

Over the years I’ve hosted numerous college groups visiting New Vrindaban Community. I just found out about this short video below that one student group, Professor Greg Emery‘s class, created after their two day stay in 2007. Now I’m also doing programs on zoom for college groups.

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