Hanuman’s Quest

The Story of the World’s First Superhero

Even when Hanuman forgets all about the powers
granted to him by the gods, still, he sets out on an
extraordinary journey to help two strangers in distress.

The Story of Hanuman From The EpicRamayana 

by Award-Winning Storyteller & Author Andy Fraenkel


Available:  August 1, 2019  

About 100 pg.  w/Illustrations   $14 cover price


“Something from you always opens a door for me that leads into a colorful world of a new narration.”  His Holiness Sacinandana Swami

“The Ramayana is one of the most long-lived and beloved stories in the world, and everyone’s favorite part is the story of Hanuman. Andy Fraenkel’s fresh rendition is special because it maintains the oral nature of the story. The words glide off the tongue and you can almost hear the voice of an ancient bard. In fact, when I received my copy, I couldn’t help but read it out loud, drawing in the entire family. This retelling will capture the hearts and imaginations of young and old alike!” Dr. Ravi M. Gupta, Charles Redd Chair of Religious Studies, Utah State University

“With this lovingly informed offering of Hanuman’s Quest, we get a glimpse into the rich myth and wisdom of ancient India. Hanuman’s appeal transcends borders, languages, and cultures.” Rafe Martin, Storyteller & Author, Before Buddha Was Buddha

CHAPTERS of Hanuman’s Quest

1) Last of the Flying Mountains

2) Impending Danger

3) Hanuman’s Boons

4) Two Strangers

5) Taken  

6) Jatayu

7) Kabandha

8) Shabari Receives Visitors

9) The Search Begins

10) Sampati

11) Hanuman’s Leap

12) Hanuman In Lanka

13) The Asoka Grove 

14) Lanka Burns 

15) The Bridge 

16) Kumbakarna, the Colossus   

17) Indrajit, the Sorcerer  

18) Healing Herbs

19) Indrajit’s Fire Sacrifice

20) The Final Battle

21) The Celestials Rejoice

22) Sita’s Compassion

23) Journey Home 

24) Rama’s Gift