Hanuman’s Quest – Acclaim & Order


Even when the princely monkey forgets all about the powers
granted to him by the gods, still, he sets out on an
extraordinary journey to help two strangers in distress.

The Story of Hanuman From The Epic Ramayana 


*Hanuman’s Quest book received an Educational Resource Award from Storytelling World Awards.

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Acclaim for Hanuman’s Quest

“Reading something from you always opens a door for me that leads into a colorful world of a new narration.” Sacinandana Swami www.sacinandanaswami.com

“Hanuman is a symbol of selfless devotion, courage, and heroic service. Something we could use a little more of in this day and age. With this concise, gracefully rendered version, Andy Fraenkel makes Hanuman’s story uniquely accessible, enjoyable, and relatable. A valuable and welcome contribution.” Philip Goldberg, Author, American Veda and The Life of Yogananda www.philipgoldberg.com

“With this lovingly informed offering of Hanuman’s Quest, we get a glimpse into the rich myth and wisdom of ancient India. Hanuman’s appeal transcends borders, languages, and cultures.” Rafe Martin, Storyteller & Author, Before Buddha Was Buddha www.rafemartin.com

“Andy Fraenkel’s book about the legendary Hanuman surpasses all expectations. In this deceptively simple narrative, the author has taken one of the most poignant and appealing characters from the enduring epic, The Ramayana, and given him to the reader in an authentic, fresh and deeply informative way. The expertise with which the author weaves in the various characters, incidents and places, while focusing on Hanuman’s unique qualities and exploits, is refreshing. You will not regret for a moment purchasing, reading or sharing this book. For Hanuman’s Quest is a healing and empowering adventure.” Krsnanandini Devi Dasi, CFLE, Co-Director, Dasi Ziyad Family Institute, Senior Minister, www.dasiziyadfamilyinstitute.org

“Hanuman, the heroic and celebrated son of the Wind-god is one of the most beloved of Hindu deities. His stories are so appealing on a human level that Hindus and non-Hindus and readers of all ages are in for a great treat when they open Hanuman’s Quest, so clearly and beautifully written. This book is for anyone who enjoys a good adventure story, and more.” Dr. Jeffery D. Long, Professor of Religion & Asian Studies, Elizabethtown College

“Andy Fraenkel is an exceptional storyteller who presents Sri Hanuman with sensitivity and empathy. You hold in your hands a lively and insightful narration of this beloved servant of Lord Rama, adored by Hindus across the world.” Dr. Anantanand Rambachan, Professor of Religion, St. Olaf College

“Hanuman takes flight in Andy Fraenkel’s modern rendering of this classic tale. The author gives us direct access to a story that’s inspired countless generations to emulate Hanuman’s peerless union of resourcefulness and devotion. Readers who are looking for an exciting account of Hanuman’s character, and adventures will be richly rewarded by this book.” Hari-Kirtana Das, Yoga Teacher & Author, In Search of the Highest Truth https://hari-kirtana.com

 “A splendid retelling of Hanuman’s story. An engaging version that will delight readers of all ages and spiritual perspectives.  Loved the illustrations as well.”  Dr. Vicki Jenkins, Visiting Professor of Philosophy, Hanover College

“If the idea seems too remote that at one time there was a monkey who could fly, maybe we can relate to the idea that we, like Hanuman, are born with many strengths and skills that we are often unaware of.  And through this clear and beautiful telling of Hanuman’s Quest, Andy Fraenkel reminds us that we have multiple talents to tap into.  In our own life quests, when we focus on something beyond ourselves, we can often find that these talents were always right there; and they will manifest right when we need them the most.”  Mama Edie McLoud Armstrong, Storyteller & Author www.storytelling.org/mamaedie

“Excellent book! Easily accessible for any level of reader.” Dr. Arnold Smith, Philosophy Dept,  Kent State University

“Hare Krishna! I received a copy last week and wish to give a hearty endorsement to Andy Fraenkel’s illustrious rendition of Hanuman’s story. It is superb!” Malati Devi Dasi

“Hanuman’s Quest brings to life the monkey hero from the ancient Ramayana. Young and old alike will enjoy following Hanuman’s epic adventures as he faces monsters, mountains, oceans, sorcerers, a colossus and much more as he and his band of monkeys search for Rama’s beloved wife Sita. Sita has been kidnapped by the demon King Ravana, who has hoards of Rakshasas at his command. It is a story of endurance and devotion, and storyteller Andy Fraenkel has, once again, helped to bridge the cultural gap between East and West.” Dr. Christopher A. Shrock, PhD, Professor of Philosophy & Religion

“I thoroughly enjoy your story telling style.” Koti Sreekrishna, Author, W.I.S.E. (Wisdom in Simple English) Words Inc.    https://www.facebook.com/newbhagavadgita/

“Incredibly enjoyable read. It is great for kids and adults. I love the way this timeless epic is rendered in this concise version. Get a copy. I promise you, you’ll be glad you did.” Darrell Martin, Blue Boy Herbs


From Foreword by Vineet Chander, Hindu Chaplain, Princeton University

“Few personalities in the Hindu pantheon have captured hearts or inspired courage in quite the way that Hanuman has. This re-telling of Hanuman’s heroism, valiant feats, and charming escapades will surely entertain and delight readers. The author also beautifully brings out the more subtle wisdom nestled in these stories. Hanuman is the embodiment of devotion. All of Hanuman’s other wondrous qualities, in one sense, stem from a heart dedicated to his Divine Beloved. Hanuman’s Quest offers us a powerful glimpse into this heart, and the opportunity to make cultivating such a heart our own aspiration.”


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