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Mahabharata: The Eternal Quest 

ISBN: 978-09896074-0-7 

Finalist Award – 2014 Next Generation Indie Book Awards

paperback / 6X9  / 281 pgs / $16

Printed in the USA.

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 Book -$16 –  includes  taxes where they apply.

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FOR ORDERS OF:  2 Books – $32;    3 Books – ONLY $45;  5 Books ONLY $70

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Thank you for your support of Flying Mountain Press & The Mahabharata Project

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Award-winning Hanuman’s Quest Book

Paperback 116 pg. 6X9 w/Illustrations   $14 cover price (free shipping in USA)

 “Something from you always opens a door for me that leads into a colorful world  of a new narration.”  His Holiness Sacinandana Swami

PAY HERE: https://www.paypal.me/story108

For more info on this award-winning book visit the three Hanuman pages on this site.

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As an artist I have spent countless hours and great expense writing, recording, editing and producing the CDs below. I request you, as an individual or school, to not make copies to pass around. Rather, please respect my work and purchase CDs for your friends, relatives, or for each class in your school. I try to keep my prices low for your convenience. Thank you. – Andy

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Three Sacred Storytelling CD’s from Andy Fraenkel

“Your audio storytelling projects are absolutely unique and wonderful.”  Anna Milashevych

***Prices Below Include Shipping for All Orders in USA ***


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OR PAY HERE — https://www.paypal.me/story108
SALE PRICES: One CD $12; Two for $20; ALL THREE ONLY $25 (includes shipping in USA)


Hanuman’s Quest: An award-winning CD – a spirited journey through stories and original music, celebrating Hanuman’s adventures from India’s beloved epic The Ramayana.

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“I listened to Hanuman’s Quest three times on the day I bought it. The stories and music are wonderful. I’ve already gotten my moneys worth.” Mary T.

“Very Exciting. We would love to have you as a guest at our yoga center.” Luke Kopyar, NY

“My daughter loves your Hanuman CD. We especially love the music in the back ground. Makes a great gift! Thanks.” Krishna Priya Jani, TX

“I very much enjoy listening to Hanuman’s Quest and learning things I haven’t heard before, such as how the mountains lost their wings.” Prana O’Sullivan, Educator

CONTENTS: 1)Prelude 2)Invocation 3)Hanuman’s Powers 4)The Search 5)Hanuman’s Leap 6)Lanka 7)The Bridge 8)The Colossus 9)Healing Herbs 10)Flying Ship 11) Ram’s Blessing  12) Final Words

CD / 54 minutes / Cover price $14

SALE PRICES: One CD $12; Two for $20; ALL THREE ONLY $25 (in USA)


 Brahma’s Song: A Story Concert with a special mix of stories, original music and chanting for your listening pleasure.


“We heard both your CDs, Hanuman’s Quest and Bramha’s Song. We love your voice and the way you tell the stories. We can hear these CDs again and again, forever. They are so enlightening. Thank you so much.” Dibya & Gayatri, VA

CONTENTS:  1) Invocation  2) Creation  3) Vishnu’s Abode  4) Krishna & His Friends  5) Which Brahma  6) KaliYuga  7) Hare Krishna Chant  8) Govindam Prayer (selections from Brahma Samhita)

CD / 52 minutes / Cover price $12

SALE PRICES: One CD $12; Two for $20; ALL THREE ONLY $25 (in USA)


Sacred Voices: A pilgrimage into some of  the world’s sacred traditions through stories & meditations – w/ original music.

Scan 3

“A moving presentation. One will not soon forget the voices of Rumi, St. Francis, or Chief Seattle.” Dr. R. Rosenthal, Hanover College, IN

“I am listening to it once again and am reminded of what a gifted, spiritual storyteller you are!” Gert Johnson, Interfaith Storyteller

“Your Sacred Voices is wonderful. I love your voice.” Jennifer Rudick, Storyteller

“It’s a wonderfully calming & enjoyable experience. Listening to it enhances my meditation.” Cathy L.

“Thank you so much for your wonderful work, and the amazing inspiration it provides. I think I will be grateful for your Sacred Voices CD for the rest of this life. My two very favorites are the one of the Jewish scholar talking to God and of the one on how we can tell when the day begins.” Annette K.

CONTENTS: 1)Intro & Rumi’s Request  2)Native American Meditation -All Things are Connected 3)African Tales  4) Heaven & Hell – Zen Story 5)Tales of Hasidim 6)Buddha’s Enlightenment  7)Meditation from St Frances 8)Meditation from Bhagavad Gita 9)Don’t Criticize – Arabian

CD / 48 minutes / Cover price $12

SALE PRICES:  One CD $12; Two for $20; ALL THREE ONLY $25 (in USA)

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 I’m taking a really indie marketing approach. and hoping to get the word out about Mahabharata and CD’s with a little help from our friends. Thank you.

If you would like to help by having your local or school library  order a book, let me know. Also visit http://www.FlyingMountainPress.wordpress.com for additional info about my work. and other up coming titles.

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  1. Namaste Mr. Fraenkel, you are amazing and great! , Can you please put some more links on this page for ordering the two cd’s at $20 or ordering the two cd’s and the book at a packaged price for example $30, I cannot find any links to order all three items or the cd’s.

    Thank you!
    Bhara Vala Patel

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