In Like a Needle: Finding Your Path 

The Late Morning Program with Namarasa Podcast – interview with Andy Fraenkel (Sankirtana Das). I talk about my spiritual journey, the dynamics of a good marriage, my devotional theater experience, establishing varnashrama culture, New Vrindaban, and the importance of finding our own needle.

CORRECTIONS: 49:20 –Not 100 Gitas – I only distributed 100 BTGs – SORRY – my dyslexia is showing. . . . . . 1:01:00 Forgot to mention that Dave Everitt  performed wonderfully as Bharata Natyam dancer in two scenes. AND Manuel Roberto supplied  fantastic live music  throughout. . . . . . . 1:04:00  Was trying to think of  Sri Chinmoy. . . . . . . . 1:41:00  Attached! . . . . . 1:54:00  And we also learn from our mistakes.

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Award -winning Author, Sacred Storyteller, Workshop Leader; Recipient of 2005 WV Artist Fellowship Award, 2014 Next Generation Indie Book Award, and 2016 Storytelling World Resource Award

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