Mahabharata Dramatic Storytelling with Award-winning Author & Storyteller Andy Fraenkel

I perform excerpts of my award-winning book

Mahabharata: The Eternal Quest  

Subhash Kak (Ph.D., Author & Regents Professor, Oklahoma State University) describes book as  “Fresh, fast-paced and cinematic! Andy Fraenkel’s book captures the scope and breath of this great epic.”                                                                                     (from his Foreword to the book)



The program can also include a brief slide show on Bhagavad Gita.

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Performance at the University of Cincinnati

Followed by Q&A

Photos by Amy Smethurst

Mahabharata Dramatic Storytelling Acclaim: 

“Fraenkel offers an enduring popular manifestation of the art of storytelling, accessible to simple peasants as well as to professors of comparative literature.”        William Collins, Philadelphia Enquirer

“Spiritually uplifting and personally gratifying. You are indeed a gifted artist.”                     Dr. Ishwar Harris, Wooster College, OH

“My students and I were deeply impressed by your unique style of storytelling.”                     Dr. John Ho, Florida State University

“Thank you for the wonderful presentation for my World Religions class of some 200 students. It was very effective and yielded a lot of positive feedback.”                                             Dr. Galen Amstutz, Florida State University

“Narrated with such vivid enthusiasm that one can “see” the scenes as if they were staged.” Philly WelcomMat

“Thank you very much for your performance. It was enjoyed by young and old. You     created a long lasting impression on our minds.”                                                                        Koti Sreekrishna, Hindu Temple of Greater Cincinnati

For inquiries & to schedule a performance go to ORDER page.

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Mahabharata Project

Award -winning Author, Sacred Storyteller, Workshop Leader; Recipient of 2005 WV Artist Fellowship Award, 2014 Next Generation Indie Book Award, and 2016 Storytelling World Resource Award

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