New “Fast-Paced” Rendition of India’s Ancient Epic – FREE SHIPPING IN USA!


COVER:  Mystically guided by the sage Vyasa, the warrior-prince Arjuna enters a tropical valley high in the  Himalayas. Ganga Devi, the Ganges River personified,  sends her celestial waters to the Earth which flows down from the Himalayas. Ganga Devi is also the mother of Bhismadev, who is one of the story’s principle personalities and one of the twelve mahajanas (Wisdom Keepers).

 *Paperback / 6X9 / 281 pgs / $16*


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Mahabharata: The Eternal Quest

From Award-winning storyteller Andy Fraenkel

The foreboding age of Kali approaches.

A troubled dynasty hovers on the brink of destruction. 

Celestials, warriors, demons, and mystics struggle for control of the Earth.

An epic story that has endured for millennia, Mahabharata reflects the passions and longings of the human spirit.

Published by

Mahabharata Project

Award -winning Author, Sacred Storyteller, Workshop Leader; Recipient of 2005 WV Artist Fellowship Award, 2014 Next Generation Indie Book Award, and 2016 Storytelling World Resource Award

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