Share Mahabharata: The Eternal Quest

Mahabharata: The Eternal Quest by Andy Fraenkel  is an exciting new rendition of the ancient epic.  What you can do to help share and promote the Mahabharata.

1) Start a study group.

2) Ask your local public or college  library to order  a copy.

3) Share this site on your Facebook page, blog, or email list.

4) Tell your local book store to get copies.

5) Know any media people? – Set up an interview for author Andy Fraenkel.

6) The book is a great read for story lovers, scholars, writers, poets, theater people, filmmakers, insomniacs, or for those on a spiritual quest or looking for a good read at the beach or at the bedside or taking a plane or cruise or just lounging on the front porch. Give this book as a gift!

2 thoughts on “Share Mahabharata: The Eternal Quest

  1. There has been many commentry on episode of Mahabharat in eastern & western Hemisphere
    but this Mahabharat Book by Andy frankael is short,simple to the essense so easy to understand
    & enlivening & Inspiring.Thanks.
    Thakor Topiwala, Charlotte,NC USA.

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