Hanuman ORDERS

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**There are several ways to order my books and CDs

1) the newest & easiest way to pay is thru  paypal.me/story108 and fill in the amount. You’re paying for a product- it’s not a gift. AT:


If necessary – my email for PayPal is story108@juno.com

2) If you want to pay by check email me – story108@juno.com – and will send address

3) I will also set up a site on Amazon.com soon

**Prices for the book and various combinations. RIGHT NOW – free shipping within the USA. (limited time offer)

1) Hanuman’s Quest – The Book – $14

2) Hanuman’s Quest & Mahabharata: the Eternal Quest – $27

3) Hanuman’s Quest – the book and CD*  together –  $21

4) Hanuman’s Quest – 3 Books – ONLY $36;  5 Books ONLY $55

To CONTACT me or for book club,  wholesale,  bulk or special orders contact me at story108@juno.com

*The award-winning Hanuman’s Quest CD is much more streamlined than the book and does not include all the stories that the book does. I refer to the CD as  a “storytelling  concert” since my dramatic storytelling is accompanied by music especially composed for the CD. The book and the CD are two different experiences. Many parents  have thanked me, saying their kids love the CD  and listen to it daily.

To order my CD’s or the Mahabharata book you can also check out:


To download Hanuman’s Quest CD go to:


As an artist I have spent countless hours and great expense writing, recording, editing and producing my books and  CDs. I request you, whether you purchase as an individual or school, to not make copies to pass around. Rather, please respect my work and purchase books  and CDs for your friends, relatives, or for each class in your school. I try to keep my prices low for your convenience. Thank you. – Andy (Sankirtana das)