Buzz On The Street — Mahabharata: The Eternal Quest Conquers

“Absolutely love the book. Vivid imagery that is unique among all books in my spiritual library. I have many friends in the bay area that I know will relish this book.” Loren Steele, CA.

“I could not put it down…. I am going to give it out to others who I think have an interest…. It’s a landmark work….. How difficult it must have been to reduce the volume of the text and not loose the threads of the story, nor the essence of the philosophy! Magnificent!” Josef Lauber, Switzerland

“Thank you for sharing your amazing gift. Your Mahabharata is brilliant. I loved reading it.” Stephanie, Bamboomoves Yoga, Owner & Teacher NJ

“I am loving the Mahabharata – its absolutely wonderful! An intriguing read. Its one of those books you can’t put down. The Sacred Voices CD is great as well.” Joseph Baker, WI.

“Reading it the way we are (reading aloud) is taking much longer, of course,  but is such a lovely experience. Thank you for writing such a wonderful and rich rendition of the epic.”  Vineet Chander – Hindu Chaplin, Princeton, NJ

“I run a spiritual center in the middle of South Central Los Angeles. Thank you for writing this wonderful book. It has brought together the puzzle pieces of my spiritual education and made it complete. Please accept my hearty congratulations for a truly enjoyable effort. You are a gifted storyteller.” Mr. Wisdom, Organic Health Foods & Restaurant

“Wow. Just… Wow! Thank you for opening this world to me. …… the pleasure reading, such a joy. Entertaining and personally valuable in my faith research for work and my journey in real life.” Danny Boyd, Filmmaker, Graphic Novelist, WV

“I finished reading your Mahabharata and found it action packed. You kept up the intense story line well.” Richard Boyden, KS

“I read this book while on pilgrimage in India earlier this year. I had to buy this second one because I gave a friend from Sweden my original copy. It is an exceptionally captivating read. Thank you for writing it.” Laura, NYC

“His book is an incredible rendition of one of the oldest written books on the planet. I highly recommend it if you want to immerse yourself in the most amazing drama and intrigue ever recorded.” Darrell Martin, Blue Boy Herbs, MS

“Reading your book! Such a great job – deep and flowing. You are truly gifted to share this profound story the way you have. Outstanding! Makes for excellent reading and a wonderful gift!” Krsnanandini Devi Dasi, Family Institute, OH


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Mahabharata Project

Award -winning Author, Sacred Storyteller, Workshop Leader; Recipient of 2005 WV Artist Fellowship Award, 2014 Next Generation Indie Book Award, and 2016 Storytelling World Resource Award

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