Mahabharata – Out of the Past, Into the Future

Text & Illustration of battle,  circa 18th century

Welcome to the site of my newly released book, Mahabharata: the Eternal Quest, My name is Andy Fraenkel and one of the purposes of Mahabharata Project  is to  advocate the study  of Mahabharata in high school and college courses for Comparative Religious Studies, Hinduism, Classics, World Literature, Asian Studies, etc.  This rendition is also great for book discussion groups, and even as a read aloud.  Actually, everyone should study Mahabharata.

Mahabharata is  the first of books. The Dharma teachings, the responsibilities of leadership, and warnings of the impending Kali-yuga (our age of darkness) are described as the five thousand year old epic unfolds.  It’s a book that belongs to all the peoples of the world. The intent of my rendition is threefold: to deliver the story as good literature, to give it a cinematic slant, as potentially the basis for a film, and to keep it at a length that could easily be studied in college classrooms.

Praise for Mahabharata: The Eternal Quest

“Very readable.  Elegantly written.  Deserves to be highly successful….”        Joel Mlecko, PhD,  Professor Emeritus, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

“Very attractive… along with map, glossary and key Hindu concepts, it’s obvious how much work you had to do here… your book should be in every library.”  Robert Rosenthal, PhD, Philosophy Chair, Hanover College

“To condense the profound wisdom and rich culture of Mahabharata  into a book of this size constitutes a formidable challenge. In this offering, Andy Fraenkel  has distilled the essence of the expansive scripture and has skillfully crafted  a book which is accessible and comprehensible to a universal audience.” Varshana Swami, Author & Vaisnava Scholar

“Thank you Andy for this wonderful book. As I sit here reading I feel whole regions of my mind and heart awaken.” Rasika Walkingfeather, Author,

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